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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Algarve University
(Algarve, Portugal)

The university is accessible by road and air travel. Roads in Faro are well signposted. When driving in and around Faro, be aware of speed limits in urban (50 kph) and rural areas (90kph), as well as along major motorways (120 kph). Always drive on the right side of the road with your seat belts on. To drive straight to Faro, travellers coming from western Portugal can take route 125 or N125 west coming from the Spanish border.

Travel by Air

The main airport in Faro is Faro Airport. Flights coming in from Lisbon only take 30 minutes to reach Faro Airport. Located just 8 km / 5 miles away from western Faro, Faro Airport houses shuttles, buses, and taxis that can be rented out to drive you straight to the city centre.

Car Hire and Road Travel

The famously stunning coastline of the Algrave is lined with rolling hills, secluded beaches and dramatic cliffs. Nearby Lagos boasts Renaissance and baroque churches and other buildings of historical importance; while Portimão has beaches encased by rocks and cliffs and a cosmopolitan ambience. These are some of the places which are worthwhile to visit and within easy reach of Faro.

Faro is one of Portugal's most popular holiday destinations and the majority of the main car hire companies are represented in the town. To make sure a suitable car is available by the time you arrive we strongly recommend you arrange car hire online before you arrive in Faro. Our online booking supplier provides the most competitive rates from a number of well established hire firms including National, Budget and Thrifty.

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Car Parking

Faro Airport has four car parking facilities. These parking facilities are located across the airport terminal and behind the first car park area. These parking facilities are good for short- and long-term parking and can be used after paying a fee.

Travel by Trains and Rail

Visitors can get to Faro from Lisbon by train. These trains have regular daily trips to the city. Just be prepared for the trip to take around five hours.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

Buses can be found outside Faro Airport's main terminal. These buses have regular schedules to and from the city centre. Visitors can also opt to take the Faro shuttle. The main buses in Faro Airport that drive to the railway station are Numbers 14 and 16. Also located in Faro Airport, the shuttle service has daily runs going to the city centre. Travellers coming from Lisbon can also take a three-and-a-half hour bus ride straight to Faro.

Travel by Taxi

Taxis in Faro usually congregate outside Faro Airport. These taxis can bring you to nearby accommodation in the city centre for a certain fee.

Algarve University

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