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The University of Algarve (Portuguese: Universidade do Algarve) is a public university located in Faro, Portugal. Founded in the 70s, The university was born out of the inclusion of the Polytechnic Institute of Faro in the 1980s. Unlike other Portuguese universities, the University of Algarve exists both as a university and a polytechnic institution.

Being both a university and a polytechnic institution, the university strives for excellence in the formation of the well-rounded human being, proficient in cultural, technical, and scientific inquiry. The university also aims to serve its community through the exchange of scientific information.

Presently, the university is composed of four campuses which are the following:
  • Campus of the Penha
  • Campus of the Portimao
  • Campus of Gambelas
  • Campus of the Saude

These campuses are inhabited by over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, half of which are enrolled in the university system and the other half in the polytechnic system. The university currently employs over 700 teaching staff.

The university is organised into several faculties and schools under the university and polytechnic systems. Each faculty and school is focused on a particular field of expertise such as engineering, marine sciences, economics, social sciences, education, technology, tourism and nursing.


The Servicos de Accao Social is the university's student support system. This system is responsible for granting student scholarships, helping students find suitable accommodation, organizing university alimentary units, and extending psychological help to troubled students and staff.

The university offers several bars, canteens, and restaurants to its university students in each of the four campuses. In conjunction with the university's Servicios Medicos, the Gabinete de Psicologia e da Apoio Psicopedagogico dos Servicos de Accao provides psychological and clinical counselling. This cabinet was established in 2001 and aims to provide professional help for students who have psychological ailments like anorexia, bulimia, phobias, depression, interpersonal and relationship issues and substance abuse. The cabinet also aims to treat other illnesses like stress, procrastination and anxiety, as well as to improve study habits.

The university also offers several male and female student residences. This accommodation is located all around Faro and is not too far from the university campuses.

Famous Students

As of the moment, the university is too young to have any noteworthy and famous students in the various fields of technology, science, social sciences, economics, and the environment.

Interested international students can contact the university's academic services department at 289 800 117. Students can also fax in their queries through 289 888 407 or email them at For post-graduate inquiries regarding course offerings, accommodation, and university facilities, contact the university's post-graduate academic services at telephone: 289 800 100, Fax: 289 800 008, or Email:

Contact University of Algarve:
Address: Campus of the Penha, Road of the Penha, Algarve, Faro, 8005-139, Portugal
Tel: +289 800 100/900
Fax: +289 800 072
Algarve University

Algarve University

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